megan (mlsdesigns) wrote,

Daniel's first public ball

While Daniel has been to our dance group's events, the Bath Minuet Company 18th century ball was his first proper dress up event, so of course I was super excited!
Because I'm still breastfeeding, and he won't nurse unless my boobs are pretty much loose, free and easy, I was limited in what I could wear, if I didn't want to be mad and make something new! So I added a teeny bit of boning, in the form of some cable ties, to my gestational stays, and wore the silk chemise dress I made for an 18thC wedding we went to when I was 7 months pregnant. Calum wore his 1790s ish suit to match, and I made Daniel a white muslin gown with lace trimmed sleeves, many many growth tucks, and a blue sash. Add the obligatory red shoes and the last minute addition of a ridiculous pudding cap, and we were all set :)

Fittings are much easier once your model can stand!

Painter's tape is an excellent fitting tool!

Attempting to recreate this portrait:

Trying to convince him to look at daddy!

"But! The baby in the mirror is much more interesting than daddy, mama!!"

The three of us :)
He's already shot up, so I'll need to take out a tuck or two before he wears it again! But luckily there's lots of extra room in the bodice :)


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